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The rockfall station located in Montagnole (French Alpes)

The rockfall station is located the Chartreuse area near Chambery. The station is adapted to confidential tests as it is at the back of an unworked and totally protected quarry.

This station is one of the most performing test platforms in Europe. This is a jib at the top of a vertical 70 meter high cliff, which allows to let fall loads up to 20 tons. The dropping hook is an electrohydraulic system that clears up the mechanical deformation energy. The maximal impact speed is 133 km/h and the maximal impact energy is 13,500 kJ.

The dropped loads can damage the following elements : 

  • appliances on the side of the cliff, such as rockfall barriers,
  • soil structures such as reconstructed and instrumented soil layers.

The installation has a very flexible use, as the jib of the crane can rotate 90°, and 15 m long shifts from the plumb line of the cliff.


The most used applications are:

  • the tests following ETAG 027 for EC marking of rockfall protection dynamic screens
  • the research about energy clear up in soils during high energy impacts and the study of new clear up structures
  • the research in order to improve the resilience, of geotechnical works and structures,
  • the development and evaluation of new instruments that could predict the behavior and qualification of works with recurrent impacts.